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September 24, 2014

Almost two years since the last post…………………………………Time to throw in the towel once or for all,or to take up the challenge yet again………………………Since I seem to have remembered how to do everything so far,plus password,maybe it means I should start again.Time to Ponder.

Nom Nom.

October 5, 2012


Our children,like most,love snacking on crisps and sweet things.However their hands down favourite snack is a fresh,chilled cucumber,peeled in stripes to make it look pretty (their request,not mine),lightly rubbed in sea-salt and jammed down on a chopstick. Quick,cheap,easy,ever so healthy and requested more than any other snack…..Sometimes I wonder if they really are my kids.Right,off to find some chocolate.

A quiet weekend.

September 22, 2012


Well,I survived my first week back at work,and despite feeling rather tired and a little wheezy,all went really well.It was fantastic to see the staff and students at my four schools,and my goodness,the children have all grown so much! Emilie went back to daycare on Wednesday and we still don’t know the cause of the mystery fever,but it is doing the rounds and a number of children at daycare and Annie’s school have had the fever.Strange!

And Annie woke up this morning with a high fever unfortunately,so stayed home with me and missed out accompanying Kenichi and Millie to an annual festival in a town an hour from here. And  later,she was supposed to go shopping and to the pool with her friend,Akiko, and mother later.Then Akiko was going to come and sleep-over here which both the girls and Millie were so excited about. Such a shame,but we will re-schedule,and hope she is okay for school on Monday.

I leave you with a photo of Annie,taken just now and requested by Schuschi,our wonderful aunt. Annie slept all morning,and wanted to do some drawing,fever or not,so is sitting at the window and sketching,whilst waiting for Kenichi and Millie to come home. Wishing you all a pleasant and enjoyable weekend!


September 17, 2012

Tomorrow,I will return to work for the first time since July 2011.Well,that is a bit of a lie as I did have a failed attempt in April and everything went a bit wrong; went back for two weeks at the start of the school year,sat through hours of staff meetings and taught for the grand total of 4 hours ,before succumbing to a cold.And that developed into bronchitis again,so I had a 6 week hospital stay,joined by Annie for the last 10 days as she developed mycoplasma pneumonia.Then I managed a month at home which brought us to July,and I found myself back in hospital with  Emilie who was admitted  for a week with mycoplasma pneumonia.Then we came home,but just 4 days later,I was unwell,went to see the doctor and ended up in hospital for 2 weeks with fully blown pneumonia.I insisted on going home after 2 weeks as a couple of friends and children were due to come down for a visti.The doctor gave in and let me out 2 weeks earlier than he wanted ,but being with my friends(who looked after me,K and the girls so well) was the best medicine.And I was fine…..until September arrived ;  due to start back at work on September 3rd,I got really bad asthma just days before, due,we discovered,to the rice dust created by the rice harvest in all the fields around the town.Anyway,the doctor wanted to play it safe and have me in hospital yet again but I kind of refused and asked to be treated as an out-patient.He agreed,TG,and I spent every morning for 2 weeks going in to get a couple of IVs and seeing being seen by the doctor.But it worked!

Which brings us to today,Monday,and a public holiday.A rather large typhoon passed us by last night and into the early hours of the morning but we escaped lightly but it is still very wet and rather windy out.The girls are at their grandparent’s house and Kenichi and I are just having a quiet afternoon and are out later to have a meal at my in-laws house.I have to dig out my work bag from the boot of the car; it has sat there since my last day of work  in April.I think I am procrastinating a tiny bit perhaps.I have very mixed feelings about tomorrow.In many ways,I would love to just stay at home and be a stay at home mum(with both kids out of the house all day…ha!) as I have really enjoyed being able to concentrate on looking after the family ,cook,clean,watch TV and concentrate solely on home related things for the first time ever really.But in many ways,I know I will enjoy the social aspect of working and being able to stretch my teaching wings a little .I do enjoy teaching and the challenges of my job.I do.I really do.But balancing work and family is quite a feat.And financially,well,that goes without saying and now we have the mortgage,I really do need to start earing.Kenichi will be able to relax a little more as well,me thinks!

SO,time to dust off my bag,and horror of horrors, psych myself up for tomorrow,as I  have to wear socks for the first time for about 5 months…..Deep breaths,deep breaths.


ETA  that I just had a call from my MIL to say that Millie has just woken up from a 4 hour nap(???!) with a fever of 39.5C.We are fated!But I must be at work tomorrow so my MIL will look after Emilie.Honestly,this is getting beyond a joke,but still have to laugh!


September 4, 2012


An afternoon spent at my in-laws house a few weeks ago,and Annie set to work making Millie a fairy costume from leaves in the garden.Nature,plus a bit ingenuity,provided hours of fun.